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Tiki Ming


+1 5143368885


Welcome to Tiki Ming

Tiki-Ming is one of Canada’s pioneers in the Chinese quick-service industry. Since 1983, Canadians have enjoyed the delectable and heart-warming taste of Tiki-Ming’s cuisine. From the moment you approach Tiki-Ming’s famous steam table, you will be greeted by a cornucopia of delicious and comforting Chinese dishes made fresh daily by our high-skilled chefs. From our famous General Tao chicken to our irresistible stir-fry selection, you will have a hard time deciding! Our menu also includes a variety of authentic made-to-order stir-fry dishes freshly prepared in our woks and a variety of tasty noodle soups.

Built on tradition and authentic values, Tiki-Ming has an incredibly wide appeal to customers of all ages and is ready to satisfy all Chinese food cravings!

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