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Welcome to JobMap

JobMap mission is to optimize exchanges in the workplace and have a major impact on the human resource economy around the world.
JobMap was founded in 2016 as JobMap by a team of people dedicated to changing the way people view the human ressources of a business. The problem is big: Lack of qualified resources, lack of staff for out of the ordinary hour schedule, lack of staff for volunteer events and more. Human resources are overflowing with organizational, technological and human challenges.

JobMap believes in direct exchange in a simple and efficient environment between the different channels of human resources and job seekers / employees. We firmly believe that by providing tools that are worthy of the name and easy to understand, the people of the world will benefit and this will add to the effectiveness of a business and the people who support it.

Launched in August 2018, JobMap and JobMap (the job search engine) make it possible to create your resume in the cloud for students and professionals To be reachable in real time by the company that wishes to obtain its services. The user can create a resume on his profile and send it in the way he prefers. At any time, he can modify his information and all the channels will have access to the changes made! Yes, even if it is sent in a paper format!

As for the company, it can create a career page and make it available in all existing talent acquisition channels (Website, hiring site, social networks and others). This allows the company to obtain live updates of their profile via the cloud, thanks to our new technology of active candidates. To save a huge amount of time by filtering people available or not and joining them in any existing ways (email, mobile notification, messenger, etc.).

The key to the JobMap platform is that it allows us to add features such as pre video-interview or artificial intelligence classification, in an organic and fast way. All will benefit because we do not restrict access to these features for the average user or business.

We democratize the power of Human Resources by providing all the necessary tools for the acquisition of talent. We allow the smallest company that does not have the financial means to post positions and locations on our FREE search engine.

We help candidates by providing them with a resume creation tool and a job search engine that matches the lifestyle of 21st century people. We allow them to see all job offers available through the JobMap business network via JobMap, the most visual platform available on the market.

JobMap is committed to providing the best and most advanced tools possible to increase the productivity of users and businesses.

This is the user-friendly and advanced platform you have always wanted. This is just the beginning, stay with us and see the Revolution that JobMap is putting in place. We strive to add a maximum of important features for any organization and users!

Welcome to JobMap, welcome to the future of Human Resources!

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