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Dilallo Burger


Fast Food Restaurant

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Welcome to Dilallo Burger

Since 1929, Dilallo Burger Restaurant has been all about the burger. Handcrafted from authentic Canadian beef, a hamburger at Dilallo’s tastes exactly as it did more than 80 years ago. Cooked on the same custom stoves designed and used by Luigi Di Lallo upon emigrating from Italy early in the 20th century, every Dilallo burger is made using the old family recipe Luigi and his wife Josephina employed to make burgers for their children.Dilallo’s signature dish is the Buck Burger; dressed with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mustard, relish, cheese, capicole, and Dilallo’s famous home made peppers. The inclusion of peppers on the Buck Burger is homage to Luigi, who never ate a burger without them – even at a time when putting peppers on a hamburger was unheard of. Yet, the Buck Burger’s exceptional taste transcends time. This unique burger is served upside down – the only way Luigi served his – its top bun steamed to perfection.A Dilallo’s burger is a treat every time you indulge in one. As soon as you take your last bite, you can be sure you will already be thinking of your next one. The Di Lallos describe it as a burger “you can eat a few times a week.” But its quality speaks for itself; just ask the restaurant’s many loyal customers, some of which stop in every week for their Dilallo’s fix.

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