Are you losing money by being understaffed?
Need constant new entry level employees?
Constantly updating job opportunities?

Here's how JobMap solves all these problems.

Create your Career page on JobMap

Gather unlimited candidates from every channel.

Perfect for franchisees with a constant need of entry level employees.

JobMap provides you with visibility anywhere

  • On JobMap - The perfect job search engine for young people
  • On Google - Be found on Google Jobs & Search Engine results
  • On Social Media - Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
  • On your Website - With our drag and drop CV box and a custom Career Page

Manage never-expiring candidates efficiently

Gather unlimited local candidates around posted jobs.

Put your business on jobmap to get qualitified employees faster.

  • Job Positions (Opened or Closed)
  • Franchise/Business Locations
  • Multi-Branding (You can add multiple logos to JobMap)

Be highly visible on Google Jobs

JobMap will boost your Career Page visibility on Google Jobs

Uniform Social Media Branding

We make it easy for you to exploit a strong brand identity.
Use your brand's power to fill jobs.

The best way to find ideal candidates is from within your own workforce - That's why we provide you with tools to make sure that your message is controlled and your branding stays intact as your employees and managers are able to share job positions easily.

Gather the best workforce by leveraging the power of social media.

See how these employers get their career pages up and running

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How we help you get the job done?

Getting a career page on JobMap will benefit your whole organization

ATS integration

With the help of JobMap's dashboard you'll never have to install a clunky program. The ATS in the cloud is your perfect solution to manage, add and interact with all the candidates from your whole organization.
Get help from your managers and franchisees to share jobs & manage any candidate from your pipeline.

Customizable Career Page

It has never been easier to manage & add jobs to you Career Page. It will appear on Google Jobs without you having to leave your JobMap dashboard.
You will also be able to gather spontaneous candidates with the help of the CV drag and drop box.

Candidates that NEVER expire

With the help of our technology - stay in contact with the candidate at all times. See if they are looking for a job right now - Request resume updates at a click of a button. Instant message them - Plan phone or in-person interviews & add notes to filter them properly in the pipeline.
Never lose track of your candidates anymore.

What's included with JobMap standard

  • Create your career page
  • Add your career page to your website
  • Add unlimited locations (all your stores, offices, warehouses and more)
  • Add unlimited job offerings
  • Add all your brands in one account
  • Unlimited managers and franchisees
  • Add a questionnaire before candidates apply
  • View candidate resumes
  • Receive notifications by email
  • Visibility on Google and Google Jobs
  • Share job openings on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Unify and control your HR Brand

JobMap Premium

JobMap isn't just your typical job advertising platform.

JobMap isn't focused on bringing in new candidates - It's making sure that you can easily manage your existing talent
efficiently and increase your visibility and brand awareness.

  • Add notes about candidates
  • Print and share resumes
  • Move candidates in the pipeline
  • Send and manage interview requests
  • Chat with Candidates within the platform for direct contact
  • Send update requests to make sure candidates are updated
  • Share information about candidates with other managers


$50 per Manager per Month (recurring)

1 year

Starting at $600 per Year


On demand